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A course on creating the character Elsa from the movie Frozen using fondant and our bare hands. This is a great course to learn essential techniques using minimal tools yet creating a really polished model from fondant.

Elsa from Frozen is a big hit and a must learn sugar model.

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  • Creating Elsa's Body thumbnail image. Creating Elsa's Body 0:11:37

    In this video we will create Elsa's body using blue fondant and doing some slight decorations prior to moving onto the next video.

  • Creating Elsa's Dress Details thumbnail image. Creating Elsa's Dress Details 0:09:45

    In this video we add details to Elsa's dress to give it the appearance of her dress in the movie Frozen.

  • Creating Elsa's Head thumbnail image. Creating Elsa's Head 0:12:53

    In this video we create Elsa's head and create the facial features to make her appear just like Elsa in Frozen.

  • Creating Elsa's Hair thumbnail image. Creating Elsa's Hair 0:11:51

    In this video we create Elsa's hair which iconic and absolutely beautiful. We learn how to make the voluminous hair with braids.

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