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Why The Mouse Is Important

It's a Disney World

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Disney Molds Matter

As a confectioner you have to be ready to cater events and parties for kids who love mickey mouse. It's very important that you have cake decorating tools and chocolate molds at your disposal to complete the request.

Disney plays a very big part in our society and our children's favorite characters and tv shows. Having various Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse molds is critical. Molds are easy to use and it creates a perfect image which is why it's good for polished finishes.

A Lollipop might not always be the focal point or main portion of your cater but it's something that's easy, low stress and has a elegant polished look.


Why Molds Matter

Modeling characters by hand using fondant is a technique that's important to know and also practice but the quality of the outcome can vary a lot based on a lot of different variables, some of which you don't have control over.




Creating Mickey or Minnie with fondant is difficult, that's why using a mold can provide that perfect finish to your themed party and ensure the pictures come out great and hopefully generate interest from others.

Silicone minnie mouse chocolate moldtwo Mickey Mouse's created from the chocolate mold.



Because of all of the things stated above, it's a good idea to start looking into getting some disney mold and more specifically Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse chocolate molds. We currently have lollipop molds in our shop at great prices, it's worth taking a look and adding them to your confectionery arsenal.


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