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In this video lesson you will learn the most basic points to start in the world of decorated cookies. With this information you can apply the same techniques and principles to different models of cookies. This video lesson has more than 1 hour of recording.

> Topics covered in the course:
- Basic buttery biscuit recipe and variations
- Techniques for leveling, cutting and baking perfect cookies
- How to prevent cookies from warping in the oven
- How to insert a toothpick into the cookie to make "cookie lollipops"
- Basic recipe of royal icing
- Most used glaze points and their applications (10 second fluid icing and soft peaks)
- Basic decoration techniques: contouring, filling, creating homemade confectionery in a simple way, basic pressure piping, use of stamps
- Several cat tips and jumps for you to optimize your production
- Different techniques for perfect drying

What You'll Need

  • 200g unsalted butter
  • 200g of sugar
  • 400g of flour

Course Features

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  • Portuguese

  • Cookie Dough thumbnail image. Cookie Dough 0:13:29

    Buttery Dough Recipe

  • Leveling The Mass thumbnail image. Leveling The Mass 0:09:24

    In this module you will learn how to spread the dough evenly to get perfect cookies.

  • Cut and Bake thumbnail image. Cut and Bake 0:09:02

    In this module you will learn how to cut and bake cookies. You will also learn my best technique for placing sticks in your cookies, so that they are very firm and secure, even in the finest cookies.

  • Contour and Decorations thumbnail image. Contour and Decorations 0:06:12

    In this module you will learn how to improve the finish of your contours with the piping nozzle and easy suggestions for decoration

  • Completion thumbnail image. Completion 0:06:07

    Use of applique confectionery and gold stamps

About yourself: Mariana is a talented art teacher who started to be a fulltime cookie decorator and cookie decoration teacher in 2012. She has taught her cookie art for more than 3000 students since 2012, travelling to teach in several different cities in Brazil. She got her third international prize in 2019 exploring her skills of royal icing edible painting. Which is her speciality. She created the rules of the first Brazilian cookie decorating competition, in the first Brazilian cookie decorating congres (CBBD) in 2017. She was also judge, teacher and speaker for two years in this event. Her cookie decorating youtube channel is reaching 900.000 views now.