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In this course we create a racoon fondant model on biscuit that has green grass and a couple of mushrooms.

Character Weight:

Body 20 grams
Head 20 grams
Duckling 20 grams
Belly 1 gram
Syrup 8 grams
Arm 1.5 gram each
Ears 0.5 grams

Edible Moss Recipe:

Crushed Biscuit
Nestle Farina Lactea
Green dye

Way of doing
Grind in the processor

What You'll Need

  • Goya Maria Cookies
  • Nestle Farinha Lactea
  • Modeling Paste
  • CMC
  • Dye(green)

Course Features

  • 0:52:21

  • 1

  • 10

  • Intermediate

    Skill Level
  • Portuguese

  • Modeling The Body thumbnail image. Modeling The Body 0:04:42

    In this course we create the body of the racoon and also the belly which we unify.

  • Modeling The Feet thumbnail image. Modeling The Feet 0:03:22

    In this video we model the feet of our racoon and glue it on the bottom of the body.

  • Modeling The Tail thumbnail image. Modeling The Tail 0:02:57

    In this video we create the racoon tail. We mark it and get it ready for painting in the next video.

  • Painting the Tail and Body thumbnail image. Painting the Tail and Body 0:06:48

    In this video we paint our tail with dry gray dye and show the technique to create a unique cartoon appearance. In this video we also glue the tail on the body.

  • Modelando a Cabeça thumbnail image. Modelando a Cabeça 0:08:42

    In this video we create the head of our racoon.

  • Finalizing The Head thumbnail image. Finalizing The Head 0:08:22

    In this video we finalize the head that we created in the previous video.

  • Modeling The Arms thumbnail image. Modeling The Arms 0:06:11

    In this video we model the racoon arms.

  • Painting and Assembly of the Head thumbnail image. Painting and Assembly of the Head 0:04:39

    In this video we paint and assemble the head of the racoon

  • Mounting the Support Base thumbnail image. Mounting the Support Base 0:02:39

    Assembly of the support base, for finishing in our character

  • Adding The Final Touches thumbnail image. Adding The Final Touches 0:04:00

    In this video we create the mushrooms which will go next to our racoon to complete the course. By adding this detail we enhance the overall beauty of our woodland creature.

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