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In this course we will create a Lily sugar flower and learn essential techniques on how to create sugar flowers in general.

This is a novice course which goes step by step and a great course for individuals who are looking to learn sugar flowers.

What You'll Need

  • Fondant
  • CMC
  • Flower Tape
  • Wire #26
  • Dyes(Red, Light Green, Dark Green)

Course Features

  • 0:25:06

  • 5

  • 9

  • Novice

    Skill Level
  • Spanish

  • What You'll Need thumbnail image. What You'll Need 0:01:25

    A quick video that explains all of the things you'll need to follow along and complete the Lily Sugar Flower course.

    Be sure to watch this and purchase any materials prior so you can follow along!

  • Making The Petals thumbnail image. Making The Petals 0:02:49

    In this video we create the petals, showing the technique and storage of the petals until we're ready for the next section.

  • Marking The Petals thumbnail image. Marking The Petals 0:04:24

    In this video we mark petal to have a Lilly design and set them to dry on a rack in a specific way so they dry with the proper curvature.

  • Making The Stamen & Carpel thumbnail image. Making The Stamen & Carpel 0:03:54

    In this video we go over the technique on how to make the stamen and carpel using fondant and wire to create the realistic appearance.

  • Making Anther & Stigma thumbnail image. Making Anther & Stigma 0:01:10

    In this video we create the top parts of the stamen and carpel. These parts are distinctive for the Lilly flower.

  • Intro thumbnail image. Intro 0:01:19

    In this video we explain the different colors and tools you will need to successfully paint the Lily petals

  • Painting The Lilly Petals thumbnail image. Painting The Lilly Petals 0:04:18

    In this video we begin to paint the Lilly petals which are now dry after 12 hours of drying on the rack.

  • Painting Anther & Stigma thumbnail image. Painting Anther & Stigma 0:02:04

    In this video we paint the Anther & Stigma to have the final appearance before assembly.

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Leonardo Rivero

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Hola, soy Leonardo Rivero, graduado en Bioanalisis y Cake Desing en Venezuela en 2010. Mi primer pastel fue de 15 años, exactamente para mi hermana, donde el desafío eran las flores, hojas, botones, semillas de azúcar, por si fuese poco el montaje de las mismas en dicho pastel.. Una oportunidad que tuve para presentar mi primer trabajo.